This is the news page for Extinction Rebellion Malvern.

  • Pilgrimage of love for the Earth – Camino to CoP 26 is coming to Malvern
    Camino to CoP 26 is a long distance walking pilgrimage for all faiths (and no faith) to the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow:    • as an act of faith and love for our planet,    • drawing attention to communities to come together to address the climate and ecological emergency. The local legs […]
  • Swap don’t Shop for Malvern Green Space
    Saturday 24th July, 11am until 3pm, Malvern Cube, Albert Rd N, WR14 2YF. Free event. Bring a bag of like-new or gently used clothes, toys, books, jewellery, ornaments or household goods that you no longer want and swap it for stuff you love. Nothing to bring? Just take. No furniture or electricals please. Malvern Green […]
  • XR Malvern G7 Vigil and stall for the Earth
    While many of the Extinction Rebellion Malvern rebels travelled to Cornwall for the G7 summit, those in Malvern held a vigil for the Earth, and adjacent to that, our stall was filled with many free gifts that had been generously donated. The block printing went down well. We connected with XR rebels from London and […]
  • XR Worcestershire Groups at County Hall
    Extinction Rebellion members greeted the newly-elected Worcestershire County Council councillors as they arrived at County Hall. Waving banners and flags, we stood along the car park entrances and handed leaflets calling for the council to declare a climate emergency. Suzanne Savage, speaking for the group, said: “By 2050 we will be facing extreme heatwaves, wildfires, […]
  • Rebellion of One
    The three activists joined more than 200 others across the UK, on Saturday 24th April, to block traffic and draw attention to lack of government action on the climate and ecological emergency. Protesters blocked City Walls Road and The Cross in Worcester while a third blocked a main road in Barnard’s Green, near Malvern. “This […]
  • Malvern Outreach Stall
    Following a long absence during COVID lockdown, on 24th April we once again held our Malvern XR stall opposite the Post Office at the top of Church Street. We offered a wide range of free gifts including plants, seeds, jam, craft items, homemade cake and secondhand books. Lovely sunny weather ensured that we were visited by a steady […]
  • Vigil for Earth Day
    The Earth Vigil on Thursday 22nd April was beautiful event, with rebels from the area coming together peacefully and joyfully to reconnect with the earth and with each other, from 8am to 8pm. Our new banner made its first public appearance. We welcomed faces we haven’t been able to actually see due to covid and […]
  • Climate Crime Scene
    Extinction Rebellion groups in Worcestershire performed a “climate crime scene” as street theatre in the centre of Worcester on Saturday 17th April, to highlight that Worcestershire County Council is putting future generations at risk due to their lack of action on the Climate and Ecological Emergency. The “crime scene” featured a faceless councillor stamping bits […]
  • Local Rebel’s Experience of Arrest
    Last week I received a six month conditional discharge following my arrest in Parliament Square on 1st September last year. The reasons that I chose to risk arrest are set out in the statement I sent to the court (below). After sitting in the road peacefully for several hours, I was carried off to Brixton […]
  • Motivational climate conversations
    As we begin to win the argument for the truth, surveys show that in many countries, including the UK, majorities see climate change as a threat. But there can seem to be a lack of urgency in the public response. In his latest book The New Climate War, Michael E Mann says we are fighting […]
  • The Deep Water Project
    Beyond our own plans for flooding actions in Worcestershire, there is a Midlands-wide project being developed by XR’s Midlands Outreach and Local Group Development team. Called ‘Deep Water’ it aims to coordinate flooding-related actions across the Midlands Region from the Marches to Lincolnshire (where coastal flooding is a real concern). The project will involve local […]
  • Extinction Rebellion Malvern links flooding to climate change
    Extinction Rebellion Malvern gathered in Upton-upon-Severn on Wednesday 30 December 2020 to highlight the role of climate change in local flooding. Dressed as office workers carrying on with business-as-usual despite the floods around them, they held signs reading “Climate Change = Increased Flooding Chaos”. The protestors are emphasising that climate change isn’t something far away […]
  • Visioning Workshop 21st January 2021 7-9pm
    Our main meeting on 21st January will be devoted to an important new activity for us as we embark upon a new year of engaging with XR – a Visioning Workshop to be run by Dolly, XR’s chief UK Outreach and Local Group Development person (currently living mainly in West Malvern).  By way of introduction […]
  • Act Now Worcestershire County Council
    Saturday September 26th saw a fantastic turnout of socially distanced groups of six parading through Worcester City Centre. We had three groups of Faceless Bureaucrats, a forthright group of bees, cyclists, dinosaurs and our spectacular Rainbow Guardians. At noon we had a die in at Cathedral Plaza with around 50 people, plus a very impassioned […]
  • Worcestershire Banner Action
    The Worcestershire XR groups organised an extremely impactful set of actions on Friday September 25th and Saturday September 26th. It was tremendous to have all local groups working together to focus our demands on the County Council. Friday saw huge banners displayed on four bridges surrounding Worcester, with the message “County Council! Act Now on Climate […]
  • Letter to Harriett Baldwin
    Response to tweet/ CEN letter 10.9.20 (by Isabel Jones) Dear Harriett In 1990 Margaret Thatcher told the second world climate conference: ‘The danger of global warming is as yet unseen, but real enough for us to make changes and sacrifices, so that we do not live at the expense of future generations,” according to a […]
  • We need you to listen – poem
    We need you to listenMalvern – Parliament Square – Wembley Police Station, September 2020 Poem by Isabel Jones For the people sitting in silenceWith their love and their faith and their griefWe need you to listen For the ones who are dancing and singingDrumming their passion and rage on the streetsWe need you to listen […]
  • Family Arts Workshop
    23 November 2019: At Extinction Rebellion, we use art to tell a story and to create a striking visual impact. We are now scheduling monthly Family Arts Days where we gather as a community to make these beautiful things. With Gratitude Peace and Love, everyone big and small (and even smaller ) joins together to […]
  • Christmas caroling at the Malvern lights switch on
    23 November 2019: About 20 XR Malvern carolers gathered at the Malvern Christmas Lights Switch On Festival. Singing some great alternative lyrics to traditional carols written by Tim Cranmore, our merry group handed out leaflets & loads of mince pies to the public. [Sample lyrics: To the tune of Good King Wenceslaus, “David Attenborough looked […]
  • Malvern Climate Strike: Make Black Friday Green!
    29 November 2019: Malvern XR joined with youth strikers across the world for the second Global Climate Strike. Starting at Newtown Car Park, they marched down to the retail park where they handed out minced pies and sang traditional Christmas carols with alternative lyrics that highlight the climate crisis. The Malvern Gazette and Worcester News […]
  • Skull People Election Action
    8 December, 2019: This was a largely silent procession/street theatre action to highlight the importance of climate in the General Election. The group marched through Malvern Town Centre, Barnards Green and the Malvern Retail Park. Other XR members handed out leaflets to the public. Periodically, one of the skull people spoke the following into the […]
  • Post-Election Emergency Candlelight Vigil
    13 December 2019: With the Conservative party victory in the General Election, Malvern XR felt the need to join together to call on Boris Johnson to #ActNow on the climate and ecological emergency. Our mission is beyond party politics: we will always be committed to fighting for this planet and to bringing about the system […]