Pilgrimage of love for the Earth – Camino to CoP 26 is coming to Malvern

Camino to CoP 26 is a long distance walking pilgrimage for all faiths (and no faith) to the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow:

   • as an act of faith and love for our planet,

   • drawing attention to communities to come together to address the climate and ecological emergency.

The local legs of the pilgrimage are:

    Wed 15th September: Tewkesbury – Upton – Malvern https://www.plotaroute.com/route/1646615?units=km 

    Thur 16th September: Malvern – Worcester https://www.plotaroute.com/route/1636594?units=km  

Do you feel inspired to…

  • join for a day or part of a day? Meet us in Upton for lunch (approx 1pm) and walk back to Malvern perhaps?
  • welcome the group into town (we will approach Great Malvern via Poolbrook into Barnard’s Green, approximately 5pm on 15th September)
  • join us for a meal (bring and share) and stories of our journey in the evening plus hopefully some music (musical offers welcome!). The evening meeting will be both a celebration of the walk and for everyone who’s taken part in the London Rebellion, or supported from home!
  • share stories of all our adventures!
  • see us off on our next stage, leaving 9-9.30 am on 16th September, from Link Top. Walk with us across Link Common or a bit further! We’ll go down to the retail park (more outreach?) And then out through Madresfield, across Old Hills, to Powick, over the new footbridge and along the Teme and then the Severn into Worcester. Total distance 10.7 miles, or walk partway and get a bus home from Powick!

The evening meeting will be at the Methodist Hall, Lansdowne Crescent – 6-9pm.

Camino WhatsApp group


If you are planning to walk for a day/part day, or meet us en route, please join this WhatsApp chat for last minute announcements. Please note this is ONLY to be used for essential communication: ‘I’m lost, where are you?’ ‘Walkers have been delayed, will arrive later than expected’ ‘Was offering accommodation, but last minute problem’ etc. Please do not clutter this chat with general observations/pictures of your cats/etc. Even if your cat is supporting the Camino! Non-urgent messages can be posted in the Telegram chat: https://t.me/joinchat/LHnob6W7sBkzMmU0

We recommend you join the WhatsApp group just for the day(s) of your involvement, and then leave again afterwards.

The main Camino to COP website is: https://caminotocop.com/  

Contact for more information: Iszi Jones xrmalvern_community@riseup.net