There’s always something you can do with Malvern XR, whether you want to prepare for direct action, or meditate in town, or help run a stall… we have something for everyone!

On this page, we’ll show you how you can get involved in XR Malvern, by coming along to a Welcome session, or a “Heading for Extinction” talk, and also by joining one of our Main meetings, or getting involved in one of our working groups (see below). Or, you may prefer to start getting to know XR by coming along to a Nature Walk or our Climate Café. See our Regenerative Culture page and our What’s on page for more details. Or, perhaps you just want to get out on the streets and start protesting! Come along to any of our events or sign up to our newsletter to find out what’s next.

If you have any questions or would like a friendly XR Malvern buddy to help you settle in, email us on

Welcome sessions

From time to time, we put on Welcome to XR sessions for new rebels in Malvern – a chance to find out the basics about how XR works, our aims, principles and values; and to meet other friendly faces. Please get in touch if you would like to attend one of these, via email –

Also see our What’s on page for up to date information.

Main meetings

Our Main Meetings are on the 1st Thursday of the month (in-person, currently at the Friends Meeting House, Malvern) and the 3rd Thursday of the month (on Zoom). These are quite relaxed and friendly sessions, and new people are always welcome! If you have any specific needs or questions, or any concerns about coming for the first time, do contact us at – we will do our best to help and we can arrange for a friendly face to meet you when you arrive.

See our What’s on page for up to date information.

Heading for Extinction (and what to do about it) talk

This is our introductory talk , where you’ll hear some of the science behind the climate and ecological crisis, the problems with our political system, and where XR and civil disobedience comes from. You can attend this online via Zoom, and we sometimes run a session in-person in Malvern.

See our What’s on page for up to date information.

GROUPS : We have several working groups (see below), focussing on different interests. You can be in as many as you like, and new people are always very welcome!


You may have seen some of us on a vigil below Belle Vue Terrace in town. This takes place twice a week and is a lovely, peaceful and welcoming way to get involved, or just stop and say hello or have a chat.

More information on the Vigils HERE:

Community and outreach

We are always looking for new ways to spread the word about the climate emergency and to let people know what they can do about it. We know that taking action makes us feel better, and we want to share our positive message. We hold stalls around town, put on talks and do outreach alongside our events and protest actions. We also make sure that new people are welcomed and integrated into the group, and have any training they need.

More information on Community HERE:

Regenerative (caring) culture

In Extinction Rebellion we recognise that the old ways of doing things – selfishly exploiting each other, or animals, or even our home planet – are incredibly destructive. We are moving towards a new, more positive way of life, so we do things a bit differently in XR! For example, we put on Nature Walks and hold Climate Cafes so people have a chance to appreciate our beautiful planet, talk about how they’re feeling, or just meet like-minded friendly people.

More information on our caring, regenerative culture HERE:


Part of our different approach to rebellion is to do it in creative ways; music, theatre, visual arts. We meet up together to make stuff, like flags, banners or costumes, which is also a fun and easy way to get involved! You can see some of our past creations HERE: