4 Dec 2019 Summary

Our study group explored Extinction Rebellion’s 3 Demands. There was a good discussion about how some parts of the media have made strides towards Demand 1: Tell the Truth. We then had a lively exchange about Demand 2: Act Now. We discussed what the thinking might be behind the date of 2025 was for reaching net zero, and the kinds of economic, social and political changes that might be required to reach that target date. With regards to Demand 3: Citizen’s Assembly, there was consideration of how such an assembly might come about and what its remit would be. How would its power impact Parliament? A Malvern XR member will be delivering a talk on Citizen’s Assemblies in the New Year and we all agreed we needed to know more. We concluded our discussion of the 3 Demands by questioning the 4th Demand added by XR US: “We demand a just transition that prioritizes the most vulnerable people and indigenous sovereignty; establishes reparations and remediation led by and for Black people, Indigenous people, people of color and poor communities for years of environmental injustice, establishes legal rights for ecosystems to thrive and regenerate in perpetuity, and repairs the effects of ongoing ecocide to prevent extinction of human and all species, in order to maintain a livable, just planet for all”

The evening concluded with an examination of the Rebel Agreement, which no one in the group was familiar with. This is something which we shoud spend more time acquainting XR members with. We explored the notion of ‘showing respect’ and how that linked in to non-violence.