Future Study Group Topics

Throughout our discussions, we hit on topics we would like to explore further. Anyone is able to put forward a suggestion for discussion. The first several sessions are covering all the fundamental ideas and philosophies unerpinning Extinction Rebellion, and after these sessions we will move onto some of the topics below. This list is certain to grow after each group meeting! Some of these topics may take less than a whole meeting, and some may take more. We will always be led by the group on which topics to discuss and when it’s time to move on.

Coming up:

  • Finishing off the 10 Principles and Values
  • The Solemn Intention
  • Theory and practice of non-violence
  • XR’s Regenerative Cycle
  • XR’s Theory of Change
  • An exploration of Citizen’s Assemblies (not to be confused with People’s Assemblies)
  • Deep Adaptation